educate • celebrate • experience

At every event we create, you are the star and we are the team behind the scene, making your brand ready for its close up.
With the most highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, we build “in-the-experience” programs that evoke passion for your brand.
Our automotive and motorsports services include, ride and drives, training, product launches, media events and film & photography to white glove delivery.  We may not do everything, but what we do, we do very well.
With detailed oriented, budget conscious and quality driven principals, we strive to exceed every expectation of your brand and its consumers as if they were our own.


lights • camera • action!

We measure our success in tenths of a second and fractions of an inch; the difference between getting amazing footage or not.
Our team of precision drivers are second to none; calculating and creative behind the wheel, they provide breathtaking footage and prints.
Not all shoots require pinpoint accuracy.  Some just require us to understand your vision through the camera lens. Our years of experience working with top-tier directors, production companies, and creative has given us the knowledge to mindfully collaborate on developing projects to get your desired results.



Want: Create an off-road activity for guests to uniquely and safely experience outlying areas of the 15,000 acre dude-ranch.
Need: The activity needed to incorporate the thrill of off-roading for all guests while maintaining a connection with nature and the ranch theme.
Solution: From concept to execution, we delivered a unique off-road experience. Working with local environmental experts, we excavated and mapped miles of off-road trails and obstacles to create a scenic and challenging course that enabled guests to navigate the outlining areas of the Montana countryside. Our off-road driving experts instructed guests as they made their way through the wilderness while providing information about the indigenous ­wildlife and flora. Because of the remote nature of the facility and exploration from base camp, IMCG was challenged to implement detailed safety protocols and emergency response plans which were never called upon.


Want: Create a user experience that highlighted the brands appeal to active lifestyles and the outdoors.
Need: Showcase the products attributes for different geographic regions and climates.
Solution: Capitalizing on existing brand relationships, the events highlighted lifestyle activities; mountain biking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, etc. and how the brand transcended across all aspects of the consumers lifestyle.  Varying demonstration courses and product experts, highlighted the vehicles attributes across all the varying regional climates and terrain demands, providing hand-on experiences that were not attainable from dealer locations and normal test drives.
The results equalled measurable sales increases, customer loyalty and advocacy of the brand.